F.L.O.W. Episode One : Candy Pain Vs Eruptia

Candy Pain is a teenage runaway and survivor of the great Los Angeles Earthquake of 2099.
Tonight, she'll be facing the Pyroclastian Warrior from the Volcanos of Venus, Eruptia.
A multidimensional, geographic battle, if ever there was one.
It's Candy Pain VS Eruptia!

F.L.O.W. Episode Two : Hardcore Tina Vs Diva Colada

Watch out because here comes trouble, it's Hardcore Tina!!!!!
Tonight, she'll be facing a woman whose come all the way from a tropical planet,
you've never heard of.....it's Diva Colada!!!

F.L.O.W. Episode Three : Chemtrails VS Machine

She's not a bird, she's not a plane, she's a conspiracy. Give it up for Chemtrails!
Tonight she'll be facing cyberspecialist and definitely not a man, it's Machine!